Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost?
A. We always work on a performance basis. We never receive compensation for our services until after you have received your refunds. If we are not successful, there is no charge for our time and effort. Our typical fee is 35% - 50% depending on the size of the client's assets and the scope of the project.

Q. How much is my refund?
A. Depending on the agency and the county, we usually can give you an estimate that is within 25% of the actual refund.

Q. How do you know I am owed a refund?
A. Based upon your asset's use type, location, square footage of building and lot, tenant mix, along with a pre-physical site inspection, we would have determined that your building has a strong possibility of being owed a sizable refund.

Q. Is Commercial Resources Tax Group, Inc. affiliated with the agencies or organizations that issue the refunds?
A. No, we are independent. However, we have excellent working relationships with the agencies. We have also done some consulting work for a few of them. CRTG and agencies have a common goal in getting the assessments to the correct level of service delivered.